News and update 7th November 2018

Helping our volunteers to graduate

Our centers are run by skilled and caring volunteers. We don’t pay salaries to anybody. This is how we can manage to operate with very low costs. But we do hope to be able to support our volunteers when they need it. At the moment all of our three volunteers, who are running the centers, are also studying and they have requests if we can support them in their final graduation studies. Sajida who is the project coordinator in Pakistan and regularly visits the centers, made a calculation* of the graduation study costs for the three volunteers as follows:

* Education for volunteers (prices in Pakistani rupees)
1- Fee (1100/-) + Books ( 5700/-) = 6,800/-
2- Fee (4400/-) + Books ( 6200/-) = 10,600/-
3- Fee (4400/-) + Books ( 6200/-) = 10,600

Total = 28,000 PKR = about 185 €

We will be putting money aside to be able to support our volunteers with these amounts.

Cooperating with other organizations

We have been contacted by another organization, which also works with underpriviledged children in Faisalabad city. They were interested in our project and we are currently looking into possibilities to cooperate. Here are some pictures of their work.


Supporting a project in Tanzania

A friend of mine, Odiwa Jacob from Kenya who is running a school in Tanzania has been under a lot of financial stress lately. We have been supporting him to get over the worst situation, but in order to keep his school running he also needs some support. He is planning to start a hen farm and we are looking into possibilities of helping him out. Here are some pictures of his students who are also living at the school. Odiwa was visiting Kenya to get his passport renewed and these pictures are taken when he returned to the center.

Planning the sewing center for the mothers

Another plan to get things moving forward in our Pakistani centers is to start professional education for the parents of our students. We have made plans to start a sewing center so that the mothers could learn the skills needed to work with the fabrics and clothing. This would allow them more stable income and financial security. We have made a deal with our landlord to rent one extra room for this purpose. Here are the calculations Sajida has made for the project:

** Adult education project for sewing center (prices in Pakistani rupees)
1- Sewing Machines = (4500×5) = 22,500/-
2- Instructor Salary = 3500/-
3- Carpet = 9500/-
4- Scissors = 1000/-
5- Rent of room = 8000/-

Total= 44,500 PKR = about 290 €

Some pictures from our centers

Here are some new pictures from the Talent Center:

And here are few pictures from the Joy Center: