Story of Sunny Pervaz, 15

Today I wanted to share with you the Story of Sunny Pervaz. He is 15 years old and a student in our first center. He has six more brothers and sisters. His father was working in one factory and he was also taking his son Sunny in the factory as a laborer.

In the factory they have computerized machines of embroidery. After getting some training in our center about computer and information Sunny shared with them that he knows about computer operating and also he can work on the computer, so they offered him to work on computer machine. They guided him for one day and now his salary has doubled.

But still he is coming to our Center and he is very happy that he can help his father and rest of the brothers and sisters, because they they live in a rented apartment and also hardly manage to buy the food.

Sunny shared with me the story and also I got his picture and I felt happy that he got a good job, although he is 15 years old and the child labor law only allows the young people to work from 18 years on, but here many small children still are working. But I was happy that because of the computers they are going forward.

– Arif Paul



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