The Meri Pehchan schools are running with the philosophy of empowerment and student centered approach based on current knowledge of learning and behavioural sciences.


The students are being empowered when they are being listened to and when their opinions are being heard, when they have a say in how their education is going to be and when they feel they are in charge of their own education.


On the community level the empowerment is established through discussions, negotiations, social problem solving and learning basic communication skills. To live in a democratic society the students need to learn to understand how democratic communities work. By modelling the democratic society in the classrooms we will teach our students the many functionalities of our democratic societies.

Respect and Responsibility

Empowerment means becoming autonomous and increasing self-determination. This happens when the students are being respected as a full members of the community, when they are give responsibilities and their productivity is being valued.

New Technology

We live in a highly technological societies where both production and services are being more and more automated. To learn to live in the modern society, the students need to learn basic technological and computer skills, critical thinking and information acquisition skills. These are being learned by giving the students free access to high quality computers with a fast Internet connection.

Small Group Learning

The students are divided into small groups of four or five. Each group gathers around one computer to access the Internet or some educational software installed on the computers. This approach makes the learning social and lets the students help each other and learn to cooperate rather than compete.

Open in the Evenings

The schools are open only in the evenings so that all the children will be able to attend even if they need to work to help their families get some extra income. Also the hot weather becomes more bearable during the evening time.