News and update 24th November 2018

Winter is coming…

The temperature has been dropping rapidly, being around 15 degrees Celcius. At the Talent center it’s not yet a problem since the building is under direct sunlight and gets heated naturally during the day. In Smile center though it’s starting to get chilly and the house owner has gracefully lended their gas heater to heat up the space. At the Joy center and eventually at the Talent center we will need to burn wood outside and use the burned remains in clay pots to use as heaters inside. But even with the heating the temperature inside will become very low and the children will need to dress up.

Play and games

During the off-computer time children like to play games and build with the blocks. Our volunteers guide them with some common children’s games and plays.

Preparation for Christmas

The children are gradually starting to prepare the annual Christmas celebration. Last year we had a great show in a big community hall. This year we are probably trying to get the same place. More new will follow and we will most likely also organize a Christmas fundraiser. Some pictures from last year’s celebration.