News and update 16th December 2018

Christmas Party Preparations

Our students are eagerly waiting for the annual Christmas celebration. Our centers are located in the Christian area of the Faisalabad city and the Christmas celebration is a big local event. Last year we were able to give the Talent center kids good quality shoes as Christmas Presents. This year we are aiming to give sweaters for the Joy and Smile center kids.

Our tradition has become to also offer a small dinner for the participants. For this year we will organize the celebration at the Talent center since the big hall was already fully booked.

Christmas Fundraiser

We have also opened our Christmas Fundraiser, where you can make a donation for the preparations. The expenses for the event for all children from the three centers are as follows

– Rice and Fruit for 150 Children (45000 PKR)
– Sweaters for 80 Children (Smile and Joy Centers) (955*80 = 76400 PKR)

Total (45000 + 76400 = 121,400 PKR = about 780 €)

You can find the English version of the fundraisin page here and the Finnish version here.

We have also opened the fundraiser to support our volunteers’ education. They need to pay their student fees and puchase the study books. The Volunteers Fundraiser can also be found on the same page.

The fundraiser pages are password protected to make it safe and secure. The password is the same as for the sponsorship pages. Ask Marko for the password, if you don’t have it.

Here are some pictures of the preparations