News and update 4th October 2018

New chairs and tables

We were able to get funds for the new chairs and tables because of the new children coming from nearby village. Some of the plastic chairs have been damaged over time, mostly when children have been sitting on them when they’re piled up, so we decided to purchase some of the wooden chairs also. We got a good offer from a school which was renewing their furniture. Our driver whom we have hired to drive the new children to the center every day, was also helping with the chair transportation.

Managing the limited resources

We have been building systems to allow every child equal possibilites to access the resoruces we have in the centers. We have built charts, which are on the wall for the children to see when is their turn to be on the computer. Recently we have given a bit more emphasis for the new children coming to the centers from nearby village for them to get used to the system and learn to know basics of the computer use.

Supporting the volunteers

Our volunteers are working constantly to support the learning of our students. We have been discussing about the possibilites of helping them for example in their expenses for their studies. We are also allowing them to take the computers home few days a week so that they can teach themselves with the computer use and be better help also for the children.

Paper work

Children have been creating more and more advanced and beautiful artwork from the materials we’ve been able to bring to the centers with the help from our supporters.

Teaching responsibility

We are constantly supporting our students to take responsibility of their own work and environment. Basically we provide them with basic support, tools and means to teach themselves, but we also guide them in learning basic communication, problem solving and social skills. Taking responsibility is a skill like any other, but needs freedom and support in order to be learned. In our centers we aim to provide them with both.

Developing the monthly report

The monthly report for our supporters is still in a development phase, even though we are already using it. So, if you have any ideas for improvement, we’re happy to get feedback. Our next idea is to add a possibility for the children to do a voice recording on their report page. This way our supporters could hear the student’s voice and later on we plan to allow students to also attach their artwork or photos they’ve been taking.