News and update 6th September 2018

Transport for New Students

For some time parents in the nearby village have been asking for the possibility to have their own center. As we haven’t had the financial means to do that, we decided to offer an alternative option, to have a shuttle drive the children to the existing centers. There were 16 new students that joined our centers.

New Government in Pakistan

A former cricket star was elected as the new Prime minister of Pakistan in the general elections held 25th July 2018. Many people have hope for change, but time will tell.

See Wikipedia article of the elections and BBC article, Imran Khan: Can former cricket star change Pakistan?

Utility Bills

With the help of the solar panel systems, we’ve been able to keep the running costs and the utility bills low in our centers. Together with the monthly Internet bills we pay less than 100 € per month in expenses.

Playing Football at the Centers

Some of the teenage children of the volunteers are coming to the centers to help out and the children at the centers are eager to play games like football with them.

Monthly reporting for sponsors ready

We have been working on the montly reporting system for our sponsors and we are finally starting to test them out. Please give us feedback on how they are and if you have suggestions for improvements. We will be developing the system gradually.

Learning moral values and discipline

As the new students started mostly in the Talent center, Sajida has been working to get the used to the practices and everyday life at the center. She has also asked the older students to guide the new ones and share their experiences and spaces. Since we have very limited number of computers the sharing isn’t always easy. Sajida has been explaining the basic moral values behind sharing and cooperation. As our centers are based on self-discipline, it is important to learn this skill. Learning to share is one of the basic lessons of self-discipline.