News and update 13th August 2018

Games with poems

At the Talent center we’ve organized games where the children can share their knowledge of local poems and other things they’ve learnt. This is of course voluntary for everyone, but many of the children wanted to attend.

Block games

When the students don’t have their turn on the computer they can use the block games or other toys and facilities we have at the centers.


Our centers are safe places for socializing and having fun together. In addition to learning computer skills, reading and writing and basic knowledge, the students have plenty of time to talk with each other and just enjoy the social environment.

Many things to do

When we’ve had some extra funds, we’ve used them to purchase simple toys, block games, papers, paints and pencils. The students are free to use the tools and they take good care of them.


Reporting system

During last few weeks the students have been practicing to use the online reporting system where they can report what they’ve been doing during their stay at the centers. This information will be forwarded to the sponsors who fund the centers. Each of the students can become an Ambassador of his/her center to show the sponsors how they study and what they are interested in learning.