Weekly update 16th July 2018

Sponsorship program

The sponsorship program has started very well and we have already 17 students chosen as Ambassadors of their Centers. The sponsorship program is aimed at supporting the centers, not the students, but the students act as Ambassadors for their center to keep the sponsors informed on the happenings and events at the centers and also the sponsor will get to know how the Student Ambassador is studying. With the sponsorship program we are also offering the students an opportunity for empowerment and leadership.

Events in Talent Center (1st Center)

At the Talent Center the four computers are kept busy, but because they are not enough to keep all the students engaged, we are offering other activities also. This week we bought some block games for the children to play with. Especially the youngest children find them very interesting.

Smile Center (2nd Center)

For the Smile Center students Sajida printed out some puzzle games and brain teasers on the paper, which got the students busy and excited.

Joy Center (3rd Center)

At the Joy Center we held a playful painting competition for the older students and another competition on how to turn the computer on and off for the younger students. Most of the students enjoy painting, which allows them to improve their skills on using the mouse and express their creativity. The older students are also helping the younger ones on the basics.