Weekly update 19th February 2018

New students

This week we have again new students. One girl came to the first center who had some earlier experience with computers. She had participated in a private computer class, which she had to pay for. But they did not allow her to use the computers much and the teaching was mostly on a blackboard. That’s why she decided to quit the class and she was very happy to hear about our center.

To the third center we had one new family with three children. The children had heard about the center in the street from the other children of the center and they told their parents about it. The mother was very sceptical about the center being free and she came hesitantly asking about it. She was very surprised that the center is actually free.

New volunteers

We have one new volunteer, Ms. Hina.

She works in a local factory and promised to help out in the centers. Also some parents of the third center came and asked if they can help somehow in the center.

In the center number one Ms. Shumila is helping out many evenings.

During the days she is working in the factory.

Ms. Shakila is helping in the second center.

She is working as a social worker during daytime.

Here are our volunteers together with our students.

Park visit campaign

We are starting a fund-raising campaign to get enough money to let the children visit the park. This is something they have been asking for a long long time. Last year they really enjoyed the visit and we’re hoping to organize the visit again during March.

Estimated costs for the park visit:

  • Bus rent: 125 €
  • Food materials: 75 €

Individual names for the centers

We are planning to name each center separately. We welcome suggestions for the names and in the end the children will vote for the names.