Weekly update 12th February 2018

We are still getting new students, especially in the third center. The new students are very young, 3-7 years old.  The youngest students wanted to see what happens in the centers because they had heard good things from their siblings and wanted to see for themselves. We are helping them to use the games and toys and eventually start using the computers also. They were very eager to see how to operate the computers.

We are still trying to figure out how to get more computers for the third center and making plans for the longer term funding.

On the street of the third center there have been underground pipe construction going on and Arif told especially the youngest children that they could have a week off because it might be a bit dangerous coming to the school due to the construction. But the children told they want to come to the center regardless and that they will be careful.

Arif was also talking with the children about the park visit, because the children keep asking for the possibility to go to the park again. Arif asked why they keep asking for it and the children told that they really enjoyed the visit and that they want to go to the same park again. Also some new students wanted to have the experience since they had heard from other students good things about the visit.

Arif also told that at the moment we don’t have money for the visit and the children told that they can walk there and bring their own food, but since the park is very far and the roads are not very safe, we need to wait for the proper funds to rent a bus.

The cost for the transportation to the park is about 120 euros for the 150 children and also we need to provide some food and water, since not all children will be able to bring their own. The total cost for the trip would be around 200 euros.