Weekly update 5th February 2018

This week we have been getting new students in all of the centers, together totalling 8 new students. The word is getting out and more and more children are benefitting from our centers.

This week also one of the older students, Pakiza, was hired by a factory in a nearby town because she was able to handle the computer in the factory. She was already doing some designing work on the painting program in the factory. None of the other girls in the factory were able to handle the computer, so she will be using it and learning more. She will still continue to come to the center and together with Arif they can solve possible problems and learn new skills on the computer to help her in her new work.

Every day the children are learning something new from the computers and they are enjoying creating new drawings and art with the painting programs. The children feel that they are free to be creative and come up with new ideas and questions. In many schools in Pakistan children are beaten in the school and many children decide to escape the school and become drop-outs. In our centers when it’s closing time, the children ask if they can have five more minutes…

We were able to donate shoes for the first center children right after Christmas, but the second and third center children are still asking for shoes and also they are still waiting for the possibility for the park visit.