Weekly update 26th February 2018

Names for the centers

This week we have been asking name suggestions from our students and out of many suggestions the children have chosen following names for their centers:

center #1: Talent Center

center #2: Smile Center

center #3: Joy Center

We realized that we had a typo in the first center banner (Telent -> Talent), but the students decided to fix it, so now we have the corrected version of the banner. 🙂 We wish feedback from these names.

Park visit fundraising

Children have been discussing a lot about the possibility for the park visit. In the park they want to do bag race, a lot of running, skipping with ropes, Tug of War and balancing fruits on the spoon in the mouth and for the bus ride we have been planning a quiz game about the computers. This week we are starting our fundraising.

Medical help from the volunteers

Our new volunteer, Ms. Hina is studying to become a midwife and she offered to help the children in the centers if they get sick or need medicine.

Help from the families

A mother of our new students in the third center has promised to help with the cleaning of the center and she said that it would bring her happiness to help. She told that because she is uneducated and cannot help in the studies, she can do her part in the cleaning.