Weekly update 15th March 2018

Learning new things

Small children around 6-8 years old are learning the alphabet in English and Urdu and the basic mathematics. Arif asked the children to tell their parents also what they are learning. We also invited the parents to visit the centers to see what their children are doing.

Muddy streets

The weather has been quite rainy recently and the streets have become very muddy. Arif asked if the children would like to stay at home because the streets might be dangerous due to the mud and the street work, but the children insisted that they want to keep coming to the centers.

Volunteers continue

Ms. Hina and Ms. Shumila are happy to work at the centers when they are free during the evenings. They will also join the upcoming park visit to help with the organizing.

Park visit

The children have been making plans for the upcoming park visit. They are planning a quiz for the bus trip about the things they’ve been learning. The girls especially are practicing with the skipping rope to do a playful competition at the park. Another challenge they want to play is carrying a lemon on a spoon in the mouth. They are also expecting to have another Tug-of-War competition with the rope. Arif will have hard time joining the competition, because all the children want to have him on their side.

New children to the Joy Center

Again two more children joined the Joy Center, totalling the number of children there at 42.