Weekly update 20th March 2018 – Park visit

Finally the Park visit happened

After more than a year long wait, we finally managed to collect enough funds for the second Park visit last Sunday, 18th March. We were under heavy preassure from the children because they kept asking regularly about the possibility to go to the park again.

This time we had a great team to support the children. Our three volunteers in addition to Arif and his brother Stephen and wife Sajida went together with the children. We were also able to prepare rice and cold drinks, so the children were free to play and come to eat when they felt hungry. We prepared some extra rice so that the children could get double portions.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

The day was very enjoyable for the children, but the adults were busy. Each volunteer (Ms. Shakila, Ms. Shumila and Ms. Hina) from the center took care of their children, making sure that everyone will return safely home also. Arif was in charge of the games and Stephen took care of the food and Sajida helped also with the games.

During the bus trip the children played quiz and other games, singing, dancing and joking. The windows of the bus had to be closed to make sure that the children don’t drop out of the windows.

We will post more pictures and videos later. We also conducted short interviews from the children to hear their opionions about the trip. We will prepare a separate newsletter for that.