Weekly update 8th April 2018

This week Arif has been travelling to meet his sister in Dubai and his wife Sajida has been managing the centers together with the help of the volunteers.

New student

At the Joy center (3rd center) few days ago one boy came crying in the center telling that he was working in a tea shop and that the owner of the shop didn’t want him to come to the school, so he asked Sajida to come to the shop to tell the owner how important it would be for him to come to join the center. So Sajida went with one of the volunteers to talk with the owner of the shop and the owner agreed to send the boy who was just 12 years old, to join the center in the evenings. Also the little sister of the boy was able to join.

Printer for the Joy center

Also at the Joy center we only have one computer, so we decided to purchase a printer there, so that the     children could print some tasks on the paper and work with paper and pencils and maybe also use some colors. So far we haven’t had much papers or pens in the centers, but we want to try how the children like this option and if it helps them in their learning, especially when there are not yet enough computers in the Joy center.


Girls’ paintings

Sajida also brought some paper from the school where she works for the children so they could try some painting. Here are some of their creative work.