Weekly update 21st May 2018

Server problems

Unfortunately our service provider for our website has been having problems and the service was down for few days and eventually they had to bring back backups from few weeks back. This means that we lost some of our latest newsletters. Thus, I will be writing some of the earlier things again 🙂


We finally got the first printer at the Joy center (3rd center). The children have been printing many kinds of pictures to color and the practice writing. We’re looking forward to seeing how the children decide to use this new tool.

Solar Panels

The hot season is starting and our students at the Joy center are not always so joyful due to excessive heat that can get up to 50 degrees Celcius. This would not be such a problem if we could keep our ceiling fans running, but due to constant outage of the electricity, the fans go out and it gets unbearably hot inside. This is why we’ve already installed solar panel systems in the first two centers (Talent and Smile centers).

We’re now starting the solar panel project at the Joy center (3rd center). This means that we will be needing some generous individuals to commit to donate a small amount once a month for three months. The total costs for the system is about 900 €, and we are allowed to pay it in three deposits. This means we need to get 300 € extra every month. If you feel like one of the generous individuals, please contact me (Marko) as soon as possible at marko.koskinen@kehittyvakoulu.fi or on Facebook.

Working with paper

Since Arif has been travelling, his wife Sajida has been taking care of the schools and she has brought some papers and colors for the children to be creative. The children have taken advantage of this possibility and created all kinds of artistic and fun creations. One amazing thing is how they can search for models online and then realize them with their creativity and skill. Here are just some examples.

Summer Holidays

As the hot season starts the schools close down. This is the start of an almost three months of Summer holidays. But compared to Finland for example, it won’t be just holidays for the children. The schools assign loads of Summer home work for their students, and they have to do them or they will be fined. This is starting to be a kind of business for some of the schools, because not all students will be able to do the homeworks due to travelling or other duties.