Weekly update 30th November 2017

This week we have been preparing the Christmas program. We are planning to combine a park visit and the Christmas program together. We will be organizing a separate fundraiser for the event.

For the first center we’ve had one new student and two students were absent for couple of days because they had a broken tyre in their donkey cart.

Here’s a small story of the daily life at the schools. One of our families has three siblings, twin brothers and a sister. The brothers were complaining that we give more attention to their sister and she’s learning better, but we told the brothers that since we are living in a male dominant society, we need to give special attention to the girls and that they also need to support their sister. The brothers took the message well.

We were asking people for donations for the computers for the third center and finally today we will be able to purchase the first computer. Thank you so much for all you wonderful people who were able to help us. The children have been waiting for a long long time, and finally they will get at least one computer. We are still waiting for the response from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project, but we are hoping to get the computers from them soon.


We will be soon releasing the videos about our new voluntary teacher, who is working in a textile factory and wants to teach our students some practical skill and also we have another video coming about the Christmas preparations. Both will be with subtitles.