Weekly update 7th December 2017

This has been the first week with a computer for the third center children. The children were very interested in seeing what’s on the computer.

We asked the children how they find the difference between the X-Box and the computer. They told that there are so many more things on the computer that we can look for, like videos, poems, cartoons, inspiring ideas, instructions, listen to songs, some girls were interested in seeing pictures of different hairstyles.

The children are preparing for the Christmas party. Here’s a small video of it.

They are preparing some plays and there is a lot of discussion about the roles for the play and the dance performances. The first center children want to keep their performance a secret for the other centers and the preparing dances and plays. While preparing for the Christmas party, the children are learning many things like taking better pictures, looking information from Internet and searching Youtube for videos and getting information in Urdu.

The textile factory worker, Ms. Shaumila has been visiting the centers and teaching the girls about the practical work they can learn to do. Here’s a short video of her work at the centers.

We’re also looking for a professional photographer and film maker who could make a proper presentation for our centers to help us in our Christmas and further crowd funding efforts.