Weekly update 17th November 2017

We’ve been working on several reports in the recent weeks and we will publish them soon. Here’s a short report on what’s going on in the centers.

1st center is getting four more students from a nearby village. 1st and 2nd center students are working on the syllabus by writing list of topics on the computer or paper of what they want to learn. They are also preparing for the Christmas program. They are preparing dances and some other special program which they still want to keep secret.

3rd center students are still waiting for a computer and we’re hoping to be able to purchase one computer next week. Also we have been discussing about the possibility of getting computers from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) -project and we are negotiating with the representative of the project.

At the 3rd center, the X-Box has currently six games and we need to update it in order to install some more games. The benefits we have so far seen for the X-Box have been that the students are becoming more confident on handling technology, they are learning new words in English and learning new things from the games. While deciding which games to play or purchase they are also learning negotiation and social skills.

In few days we will be publishing new student reports, an article about the process of building and using waste bins and the help we’ve had from a textile professional.