Zari Asif

Name: Zari Asif

Age: 12 years old

Father’s work: white wash and daily wages

Mother’s work: working as a cleaner

Brothers and sisters: three brothers

House: living on rent

Zari’s story: Zari with her brothers are the very first students of our Centers. Their parents were not able to send them to a school because of poverty. Zari started at the 1st center and is still coming every day. Zari told that she is learning very fast and that this Center is a gift of God for them. She was very interested in going to school, but her parents did not get any chance to get her to school. Now she is very happy that she is able to learn new things.

Zari Future plan: She wants to learn more and wants to help her mother. She wants to find a small job also to help her parents. She wants to learn more English words and to find some information on sewing from the Internet because we have good internet speed.

Zari Thanks: She is very thankful for all the benefactors who are helping these Centers.

She requested that these Centers must carry on and also in near future if possible please bring some professional machines, like sewing and stitching machines also, so that more girls can learn freely.

May God bless our Center.

by Zari Asif