Weekly update 12th October 2017

On 11th October we celebrated the United Nations’ International Girls Day. We will publish some more pictures and videos later.

We were planning to have children from all three centers to join the celebration, but second and third centers’ children were not able to come because when we started our class a heavy rain started.

Today we shared with the other centers’ children the pictures and videos and they were very happy.

Our celebration included

  1. Tug a war Game between girls and boys. Finally girls won.
  2. Balance lemon on spoon. Girls won.
  3. Some girls spoke also for their rights.
  4. They made posters and charts and  Arif guided them.

The girls were very happy to hear that they are equal gender and they are not less then the boys.

Our next week plan is the waste bin preparation. All the children of the three centers will work on that.

We are also going to finalize the course of the syllabus. We don’t want to impose our thoughts or educational contents on the children, but we’re suggesting that the children find out about certain things and we help them find essential materials for reading and writing. We are asking the children about their interests and include some basic knowledge and make a list of websites where the children can find this information. Upcoming weeks we will publish our syllabus here.

The children are often asking for the possibility to go for a picnic and we’re trying to do some fund-raising for it.

Early this week we sent one laptop computer to the center via post. Now we’re waiting to see if it will be accepted by the customs. In Pakistan customs often deny certain items.

We’re also making preparations for the possibility of purchasing a carry van. Next week we will tell more about it.