News and Update 01 Nov 2021

My identity school is giving away a new gift in the shape of bicycle for some children who were living very far from the centers. They were very much interested and eager to join the Computer Centers but they did not have the source of transportation to reach at the center because it was really far away from their home. They had requested us several times to open up a new center in their neighborhood.  At the moment we are unable to financially support the idea of opening up a new center.

However with the help of Marko we were able to find an alternative way so that these children could arrive at the nearest center. On 26th of October 2021 Marko supported financially to buy a new bicycle for two Children (brother and sister). The Center gifted them new bicycle and they are very happy that they could come to the center now and learn.

They live more than 7kms away and it was near impossible to cover this distance on foot everyday how  with the bicycle now they can arrive easily. The Children who got the new bicycle and their parents are very happy and thankful.

In the upcoming future with the support of people we can continue to provide transportation means to children who want to join the centers but are unable due to long distances.  All children are improving their educational skills through Democratic Education and hopefully they hold a very bright future in front of them. Apart from these new events the children continue their learning and playing activities.