News and Update 17 October 2021

After the opening of the Centers from 1st of September 2021. Children are very happy and excited for their learning process through computer, YouTube and Microsoft Word which is helping and improving their writing skills also. They are absolutely motivate to increase their knowledge and learn new things everyday

After this updating we are very soon going to send you the happiness of one brother and sister who were living far from the centers. They being provided bicycle so that they can reach at the center in the evening to learn. Our sewing center is going perfect as well and soon we will post a whole another post about it.

There are a lot of children and the only problem that our center faces is that there are not enough computers. But hopefully in future we will have more computers so that children can spent more time on computers.

As for small children they are learning writing skills and also some basics skills of reading and writing and listening. They are very happy attending the centers in the evening time as an informal way because they enjoy in the evening time after helping their parents in their work. Our main foucs is that in future they will be able to get some skillful opportunities for their source of earning to survive on their own and help out their families and break this cycle of poverty and modern day slavery work.

We also got very feedbacks from parents whose children joined our centers recently. They shared that they hope that their kids learn some skills and through those skills they will be able to work as a professionals in future. Some of the sewing center students are already working in a factory of Garments and also working in a bottle making factory.

This is very wonderful opportunity for these children who didn’t have any opportunity in their life because of poverty but now they will come up and proudly represent themselves and their families as equal citizens of the world.