News and Update 8th December 2019

Future of the Centers

Marko has been able to organize the funding for the centers with the support of numerous sponsors, for almost four years now, but he feels that it’s time for a change. He is planning some other projects which he wants to get fully involved and finds it difficult to keep focusing on too many projects.

This means that we are looking for a new funding manager! Marko has built a comprehensive sponsorhip and fundraising system so it would be easy for anyone to take over and start fundraising for the centers. If you are interested in this task or part of it, please contact Marko, he will still be supporting the project and is happy to help anyone who would like to take over.

Carrom Games

For quite some time the building blocks have been the most common “game” at the centers in addition to some outdoor games. Children have been asking for some inside games also, so we decided to purchase some common local games called Carrom. They’ve been very popular among the students ever since.

Table Tennis

To further increase the possible activities, we were able to purchase the first Table Tennis table for the Talent center. We are planning to purchase tables also to Smile and Joy centers. We also hired a skilled player to teach the children so that they will get a general idea of the game and learn the basic skills.


New Computers

Marko had some extra funds so we used them to purchase few more computers. This is neede since we’re still getting new students and the time on the computer is still very little for each student.


Sponsorship Pages

We are adding new students to our sponsorship pages and updating the system how it operates to allow more communication between the students and the sponsors.

Independance Day

On 14th August we had great celebrations in our centers to celebrate the Pakistani Indepenence day. We made face paintings, had good dinner and had lots of fun.