News and update 24th June 2019

Updates on pause

There has been a while since we’ve written an update. The reason is simple, we’ve been busy with other projects like the International School for Solving Global Challges, the Panka Academy, and since at the centers have been operating well and students have been doing great, so we didn’t feel a huge urge to put up an update. But now it’s finally time to give you another update.

New Computers

In May 2019 we received a donation from the Pohjois-Tapiola High School in Finland to help us purchase few more computers for the centers. We created two video slideshows for you to see how it looks in practice.

Sewing Center

The new sewing center is doing good. The women at the center are working hard to learn the new skills. We are purchasing extra garments for them to work on and paying the instructor a small salary.


Summer heat

The hot season in Pakistan has been extra heavy this year, while the temperatures have risen to almost 50 degrees celcius. Fortunately so far the air is rather dry so it’s still bearable, but we need to keep the fans running and the air flowing inside our centers. We also need to spend some resources on extra water and ice.

Updates on the reporting system

The Student Ambassador system is getting some updates. Since November 2018 the students haven’t been updating their doings due to changes in the local administration and limited time on the computers.

In the current system the students have been able to click the icons depicting the things they’ve been doing during the evenings at the center. Now we’re adding the possibility for them to send files, youtube links and short messages. We are aiming to make the sponsorship more personal, even though the support goes to the centers, not to the students directly.

Many of the students are getting more skillful in reading and writing English, so we want to give them the opportunity to represent their centers even better to our supporters.

Plans for the Fourth Center

For some time one of the nearby villages have been asking for us to start a new center in their village. So far we simply haven’t had the resources, but in near future we will be applying for a fundraising licence so that we can do public fundraising and contact businesses for example to get more support for the project.