News and update 6th April 2019

Sewing Center started

During February we focused on starting a sewing center for the parents and older students. We successfully collected enough funds to start the center and pay for the teacher. Here are two videos of the new center, which is attached to the Talent Center.

Library project initiated

Another project we are starting is the Library project. The aim is to buy several children’s books to each center so that children who are not working on the computers can access knowledge and learn from the more traditional media.

Next goals

In April we will focus on fundraising for the Spring park visit and additional mini-computers like Raspberry Pi’s for the centers. And every month we try to have some extra for papers, pens and colors.

Park visit
Total = 30,000/- = around 200 €

Additional one cheap mini-computers like Raspberry Pi for each center
Around 100 € each including starter-kit, keyboard, mouse and an LCD monitor.

Total = around 300 €

Paper, pencils and colors
Total around 50 €

Total Fundraising aim: 550 €

Our Partner School in Tanzania needs our support

For some time we have been partnering with a small rural school in Tanzania, Divine Hope Upendo for Educating & Empowering Community, run by a long time educator and charity worker, Jacob Odiwa. In addition to education the schools offers shelter, food and medication for the orphan and poor children of the community. We are planning to start a poultry farm there so that the school could become self sustaining. We are developing the website to be able to host a fundraising page soon. We will inform about this possibility soon. Meanwhile you can see their current website at

And their Facebook page at