News and update 20th February 2019

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Learning Writing Skills

We have been putting some more resources in papers, pencils and colors. Our aim is to help the students in their writing skills and also make sure that the students who are not working on the computer have some interesting and useful things to do.


Weather has been very cold recently but is slowly getting warmer. I think we have survived another winter. The gas, which is the main source of heating, has been going on and off. The children have been dressing up in warm clothes.

Schedule of Sajida

Sajida has been working hard with the centers. During day time she is working in her day job as a teacher in a local school and then she gets home and cooks meal for her children and heads to the centers where she spends three hours visiting each center every day. Then she gets home to her children again. It is hard to appreciate her work and dedication enough. And she doesn’t get any salary for her hard work.


Help for the volunteers

We finally managed to gather enough funds for helping our volunteers in their studies. We paid for their study books and student fees. We have three volunteers who take care of the centers regularly. Sajida goes and visits each center every day, but the volunteers work in one center to keep it running.

February fundraising goals

Sewing Center for parents and older students
1- Sewing Machines = (4500×5) = 22,500/-
2- Instructor Salary = 3500/-
3- Carpet = 9500/-
4- Scissors = 1000/-
5- Rent of room = 8000/-

Total = 44,500/- = around 285 €

Small library of books
Total around 50 €

Paper, pencils and colors
Total around 50 €

Tabletop games, learning games for Talent center
Total around 50 €

You can find our fundraisers at

Please ask Marko for the password.