Weekly update 1st July 2018

Literacy improving

Sajida has been having a flu this week and was able to visit the centers only on three days, but she wanted to note that the students’ reading and writing skills in English are improving fast. Many stuents can already write full paragraphs of English and read long texts. With the Urdu language we are struggling a bit, because finding material in Urdu on the computers is much more difficult than with English.

I’m hoping that soon we will be able to start letting the students to connect directly with out supporters so that the supporters can communicate with them directly on Skype. Interesting and exciting times ahead.

New Sponsorship Program

We are happy to announce that the next week we will start our new Sponsorship Program, where our supporters can have one individual student to sponsor with only 20 € / six months. That is enough to cover the costs for running a center for 40 children. We will start contacting people directly and ask for the interest to join this program. We will give the student profile and will send the sponsor a monthly progress report on how this student is doing. We will also ask the student with the help of the volunteers to write more about the center and how their lives are there.