Weekly update 24th June 2018

Sponsorship program

We are making plans to start a sponsorship program where anyone can support one child in a center with about 20 € per child per half a year. This will cover the costs of running the center for about 40 children. We will open the project in coming weeks.

Giving out snacks and teaching helthy diet

Some of the children come to the centers hungry since the families are very tight with the money. Many of the children have to work in order to support the family in paying rent and getting enough to eat. Sajida has been sometimes buying some snacks for the children. Learning with an empty stomach is quite difficult.

Playing and Laarning

Here are some pictures of the everyday playing and learning at the centers. This is from the Smile center (3rd center).

Big Family

The students in our centers are becoming like one big family to our volunteers. The students are getting to know each other better and learn to support and cooperate with each other. The volunteers are taking care of the children as their own.

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