News and Update 21 June 2022

In the past few weeks our center faced some ups and downs. Initially the plan was to close the centers for summers due to the lack of funds. This was a hard news for the students and the community as the centers were playing a large part for everyone in the slum communities. Parents of the students came forward to talk with volunteers and Tahira Saleem. They requested that the centers remain open as the children of the communities were learning and staying out of trouble.

We decided to hold a meeting with the students, parents, Paul, Marko and Tahira. We told the parents that as much as we want to keep the centers opened, we lack funds to do so and it is very hard for us all to sustain everything. The parents were willing to help the centers in any possible way. The community is very poor so they offered to arrange water, ice and gather fund to pay off the utility bills. Marko then offered to try his best to manage the rent for the centers.

This was a major moment for the center and its students as it showed how important the centers are and the change they are bringing to the community. The center brought together all the parents. We still lack funds however we are trying out best to manage everything. However, we request everyone to please help in any way you can to carry this project on.