News and Update 20 February 2022

These past days have been days of social bounding with each other. Most of the activities included playing games such as run and chase and block games. Through such activities they are learning about working as a team unit, coordination and most importantly having fun. Moreover, students also spent a lot of time drawing different pictures and they searched internet for the ideas.

Apart from that, they have been also learning advance stuff on the computers. Students are learning about mathematic, science, and also history about Pakistan. One of the topics that attracted many students was learning about the history of Pakistan and subcontinent. They were really interested in the Mughal Empire. There are some sites built my Mughals in Faisalabad that some students have seen and they were astonished to find out that these sites were hundreds of years old.

Almost all the students were unaware of the fact that Bangladesh was once part of Pakistan and they were surprised to find that out. These activities show level of knowledge increasing in the students. Although younger children could not really understand all the history material however we found some cartoons in Urdu that showed the Mughal Empire and the British rule in subcontinent and that helped immensely.

There was also a visit from one of local university counselor visited the Talent center and he observed for almost 2 hours. He gave us a positive feedback. He was very happy to see the amount of freedom the children had, he said that this might be the best way to gain the concentration of the students. However he suggested that we must focus more towards professional activities such as mechanics, sewing, beauticians etc. He believed that such professional activities would lead these kids to have good wage jobs in the future.