News and Update 24 April 2022

This month students learned about a lot of things which included important international personalities and their work in the history and they also advanced their knowledge of geography and scientific inventions.

The students looked up information about Mother Teresa, Quaid-e-Azam, and Gandhi. They searched about these people through YouTube and other websites and learned about their backgrounds, their work, and their fights against oppression, poverty and tyranny etc and how today we are able to see their impact in our own lives. The students were very astonished by Gandhi and his fasting and the students also learned about embracing your culture and your current resources to build something bigger that stays for centuries.

Students also learned about the continents, countries and major cities of the world. The younger students drew the flags of different countries. Many students also came to know the fact about how urbanization and increasing population is causing the climate change. The students came up with the future idea that someday they would plant some tree saplings in the street where their centers are located.

Students also learned about different inventions in the history of science. The most intriguing one for everyone was the invention of the plane. The younger students were more interested into small life hack videos in which they learned about how they could use simple things to create easy and more efficient things and methods. Other than these specific activities students carried on about their normal stuff such as games, drawing etc.