News and Update 05 June 2021

In May students continued to do their usual activities and they researched and learnt about how the local government agendas work. From electing to completion of the promises made by parties.

In different sessions under the guidance of volunteers children learned about the functions of government. The questions that were raised in this conversation were; why is government needed? How do we know that if the person is worth being elected?

Secondly, students wondered where does the government get the money to built roads, buildings and provide the citizens with different facilities. Some students said that the people who are elected spend the money from their own pockets however after doing research they found out that the bills and taxes that their parents pay in form of electricity, gas and the taxes on different things contribute to the government projects. They were astonished to find out that the people are basically paying for roads and other stuff they see being built by the government.

Then the students found about the different types of government. The federal , state and the city government. They came to know that Federal government gets involved in the major country issues and the state and city government solve the issue that occur on local level.

Some students have never encountered or never knew how the elections occur and how the votes were registered. They searched on the internet about it and they found that poll stations are set up and the votes are registered and then counted and the party with the most votes chooses which person sits on which position.

After the research was complete the students came up with the idea of imitating the whole election process where they formed different parties and then they voted amongst themselves on who should be elected. This activity was a great fun for students as well as they learnt a lot of new stuff.