News and Update 27 April 2021

This month activities are about Faisalabad local city political system and how the city, district and province and federal system run. In the beginning the children were guided to explore how a city is governed by elected members and the classification of city government for example union counselor and city mayor and what the members of city or district government do for people development.

The students researched how the local elections work. They found out how the candidates use signs and names of common things as an identity of their party. They also learned about how the campaigns are run way before the elections take place to gain voters. Then the party with the most votes make up as the counselor, Mayors and District commission officer of the city.

Then the students choose their party sign to be a swan. They made a plan to draw swans and paste them around the centre as a campaign. Then the students chose some areas which were really slum where they would build hospitals, schools and create job opportunities for local people.

Students were very interested to take part in this activity however a few of them were reluctant to take part in political activities. The students who did not take interest in activity they researched according to their interest. They also practiced their writing, reading and did extracurricular activities.

ThisĀ  activity were really astonished about how the election system works and they had never looked that deep into all of this. This activity will continue in further days.