News and Update March 2021

The children of My Identity School are developing and growing in every subjects such as sciences, Social Studies, Maths, English and Urdu language as well as Physical games. They also are learning professional skills according to their interest by using computers, they are also learning through notebooks and puzzles games and by reading books.

Our special learning topic for this month was Food and Nutrition. Its was really amazing and informative for children. This topic covered both the area of science and social. During this session children learn through different websites, Google search and YouTube videos. Children said they never have idea that how food effect our health and growth. It was totally surprising and new thing for them. They got to know which type of food is very important for in different age groups. And what is harmful for us and also in old age. If they had any doubt and question they discussed it with our volunteer and made it clear.

Sometime the discussion with our volunteers was about some cooking practices in centers to learn the best way to cook food.  Writing and drawing about health food was also the part of activity. Every child was trying the write and draw on papers and notebooks what they learnt from Google or internet. They also made the healthy eating pyramid. This was a good experience for children. Although our school children do not have enough finances and sources to get the balanced and proper nutrition food but they have knowledge how they can fulfill their proper nutrition from their available resources.  Children learnt about most common nutritional deficiencies.

They also learnt through videos that excess salt and sugar is dangerous for old people and too much sweet things are bad for teeth. This activity gave them enough awareness about fried food and fast food that is becoming the big reason of obesity and heart problems; through their search they gained the knowledge about the clean water. They were surprised to know less bread and more vegetables and fruits are good for healthy and long life. Our school children are learning and developing day by day.