News and update 07 March 2021

Development of Writing SkillsĀ 

These past weeks the students worked on their sentence making and writing skills. Writing is one of the main things that almost every person requires in various fields. Some students in our centers aspire to become cashiers, teachers etc. Therefore students are learning how to write continuous sentence and use their words accordingly.

The younger are using notebooks and as well as Ms Word to write sentences. They rather create small sentences such as my name is______, I am _____ years old. Working on Ms Word not only improves their writing skills but also their confrontation with the alphabets on the keyboard. When students face any difficulty for example to figure out spellings, the fellow students help as well as the volunteer teachers.

The older students try to write more complex sentences on Word as well as notebook. They search on the internet and use Google translator to learn English vocabulary. Many students have started to write paragraphs using simple situations such as introducing themselves and their family members. Most of the older students prefer Ms Word rather than notebook because it improves their typing skills and also Ms Word lets you know the wrong spellings so they learn the correct spellings of words.

Some students try to copy and write the story book scriptures and they try to improve their hand writing. There are a couple of students who went to school at some point and are familiar with writing and reading and they try their best to polish their own skills as well as help the ones who know literally nothing.

But as mentioned before most of them like more to work on computers because hand writing is more challenging for them and computer is more attractive. But we think this is a very productive activity as it is supporting their cognitive development. It allows them to be creative.