Christmas Party 23rd December 2020

Christmas is one of the most recognized and important day in calendar year. The history behind this day is almost known by almost everyone. Although this is a Christian history and belief however many people celebrate this occasion as a tradition. In Pakistan although Christmas is not widely celebrated however there is a national holiday for the Christians and the Christmas communities all over the country celebrate it with great zeal. The children do different dramas and reminisce the birth of Jesus. There are different types of traditional food cooked and the families invite each other over.

Every year our centre students celebrate Christmas by combining all the centre students in one place and doing different activities, enjoying, exchanging gifts and sit together and have a meal together. This year although after all the stuff that happened the spirits of the students were still high and they were really excited for the Christmas party. However due to the COVID restrictions we could not do a combined Christmas party like usual.

The students took part in different role-plays and dramas. They recreated the moments when the Jesus was born and how the people from different nations brought gifts for him. The students did all the decorations and even creating some the outfits such as the angel wings etc.

After the recreational activities the gifts were distributed among the students, the gift included small chocolates and candies. After this the students sat down together and a Christmas meal. They were really happy as well the parents. Big thanks to Marko and all the beneficiaries for making it possible to end this controversial year with smiles and happiness.