News and Update Nov 2020

Research about Health and Food, especially Fruits

This month the main focus had been about health. One of the main topics that was discussed by the students was the consumption of fruits. The students did research on internet about the advantages of different fruits and also did a several activities regarding the topic.

Discussing about Fruits and Vitamins

The younger students mostly discussed their favorite fruits and the discussed the about colors of the fruits. They also asked each other if they like sweet fruits or sour fruits. The fruit that most of them preferred was mangos. Most of them said they prefer it because it was really sweet.

On the other hand the older students researched and discussed about the advantages of different fruits. They found out that all the fruits have various vitamins and nutrients that help to keep the body functioning properly and also can treat different diseases. They found out that that for example, the citrus fruits such as oranges contain vitamin C. Moreover, they found out that many fruits are a major source of quick energy for instance bananas.

Can Fruits have Disadvantages?

Some of the students raised a question that if fruits have any disadvantages. They searched about this on internet and they found out that sometimes if you have some sort of medical conditions some fruits can be dangerous. For example people with diabetes cannot eat excess mangoes and grapes because they contain a lot of sugar. Moreover some people are allergic to some fruits which can cause complications sometimes.

Arts and Fruits

After this the students decided to draw different fruits and color them respectively. Through this they showed their practical skills as well as their creativity.