Reopening of Smile Centre

The Smile Center is Open Again

The Smile center was the second center to be opened in this project of Meri Pehchan Schools. It was going really great and the students were really happy to learn and get education through computers and internet which was not affordable. The parents were also very relieved that their children were off the streets and learning stuff that could help them in coming future.

Financial Difficulties

However, very unfortunately, due to financial crisis we had to shut the smile centre down. We were really disappointed because of this closing. But the students were even more grieved because they were really emerged in this democratic way of education. During the time when the center was closed the parents even contacted the volunteers and Tahira Saleem regarding when the center would reopen. However we told them we weren’t sure when.

Happy Reopening

Recently, Thanks to efforts from Marko and our beneficiaries we were able to start the smile centre once again. The students were very excited and so were their parents. Most of the parents came themselves to drop their children and were really thankful to Tahira for reopening.

Thank you!

We would really like to thank all the supporters that we were able to reopen the Smile Computer Centre. Hopefully children will benefit and learn from the center.