News and Update 01 November 2020

Research on Climate and Weather

The topic that the student focused in the last weeks is more of a scientific topic. The main focus was the difference between weather and climate and how seasons change. It was really an opportunity for all age group students to learn.

Finding out about Seasons

The younger children mostly learned the basics such as how many seasons there are. They learned about four seasons that happen to be in Pakistan i.e. Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring. They learned in which months each season happens. This gave them an opportunity to not only learn about the seasons but also know about the months in a year. Most of the students only had a knowledge about Summer and Winter and they were astonished that before Summer it’s Spring and after Summer its Autumn. They also came to know about how the nature acts differently in Autumn and Spring. All the flowers and tree leaves grow and blossom in the Spring and the leaves turn yellow and orange in the Autumn. Through these exercises they related everything with their real life situations.

What causes the Seasons?

The older kids surfed the internet to find out about the differences between weather and climate. They found out that weather is for a short time but climate stays for a longer period, sometimes even more than 30 years. They also found out how the Earth moves on its axis and the season changes and the Earth gets away from the sun and the Winter comes. They found how the movement of the Earth also causes day and night. They watched videos on the internet to find out how all this process works.

Drawing the Seasons

After all the days of research work, the students made art work and diagrams and put all there learning onto the paper. The younger kids were interested in making green trees, snow, sun, and falling leaves and naming those drawing according to their respective seasons. The older students drew and wrote their own explanations about what they read and heard from the internet.