News and Update 10 October 2020

Seasonal Flu – understanding and precautions

Seasonal flu is one of the biggest silent killers in the world. Another name for seasonal flu is influenza. These few weeks are the days when the flu is on its peak in Pakistan. One of the main reasons for this is the changing season.

Researching on the topic

The students did group discussions and research work on preventions and safety awareness regarding seasonal flu. First they surfed on the internet watching videos regarding the topic. They found out the differences between Covid and Influenza. They found out that the covid has higher death rate than influenza.

Secondly they found out about what are the early symptoms of flu. The children wrote all the symptoms down on a paper and everyone gave their opinions on each symptom. They found out that not everyone has the symptoms and the bodies act differently for each individual.

Working in Groups

The main part of this whole activity came where they researched about the prevention and how to stop the mass spread of Flu. The children made groups and each group came up with a different idea on how to prevent influenza.

Some of these preventions were using a tissue or the inside of elbow instead of bare hands while sneezing or coughing. Children also discussed that how tissues should be used just once and disposed and not used more than once. Moreover they also discussed how ice cold water can trigger the flu so we must use the water on room temperature.

The students were really proud of the research and effort they put this into.