News and Update 12 Sept 2020

The impact of using stuff made of plastic

The main topic that the children discussed during past weeks was the impact that plastic has on the entire ecosystem. Plastic is one of the main environmental problems we are facing in the 21st century.

Decomposition of Plastics

The children watched various videos and presentations on how the plastics are hurting the planet earth. The students were astonished to know that a simple plastic wrapper can take billions of years to decompose. Most of the students were confused about decomposition, so they watched videos on YouTube in which the decomposition process was explained to them.

Plastics in the Sea

The students learned how the untreated plastic ends up in the sea. They were keen to know how the plastic stuff causes problems for the aquatic life. They researched and found out that the plastic stays on surface and blocks the sunlight which all aquatic living organism need to convert H2O into oxygen. Moreover they learned that sometimes organisms like turtles swallow stuff like straws which blocks their nasal or food pipes.

Getting rid of Plastic Waste

The students wanted to know then how can we properly treat plastic because most of the stuff we use today consists of plastic. Some students argued that we could burn the plastic used things. They researched about it and found out that by burning plastic it release dangerous chemicals which cause problems to humans as well as the entire ecosystem. Ultimately they were able to conclude that only way to treat plastic is by recycling it or by digging a real big whole and burying all the used plastic.