News and Update 13 August 2020

The Water Project

The highlight of this month was the education and learning about water. Children were given specific topics according to their age group. Some of the topics were “Daily uses of water”, “Importance of water for birds and animals”, “Diseases caused by dirty water”, “Ways to clean water”.

Searching Online

The children searched through Google and YouTube and they noted down all the points. Some of those notes were:

Importance of Water in our life:

  • Drinking
  • Washing hands and bathing
  • Washing clothes and dishes
  • Used in Kitchen and toilet

Harms that can come with the consumption of contaminated water:

  • Diarrhea
  • Eye Infection
  • Cholera
  • Stomach ache

From theory to practice

The students watched videos in which they got to know how different types of filtration are used to clean contaminated water. They learned the most basic filtration and tried it in practice. They also learned how to kill bacteria by the process of boiling.


We also arranged to take them to different locations to show them how the water pumps work. They were keen to know how the pumps brings up clean water from hundreds of feet down the earth and then how it pushes all the way up to the tank.

The younger children learned about the sources of clean water are lakes, rivers and springs. They also came to know that the sea water cannot be consumed due to Salt. They learned also how salt is obtained by the evaporation.

Importance of Sustainability

In the last week they learned about the importance of water and the fact that we lack clean drinkable water. They learned that we need to save and not waste water for coming generations.