News and Update 23rd July 2020

Since two weeks the children of almost of all age group have been learning about the importance and advantages of trees. They have been going through internet searching about the process how trees produce oxygen and also learning about different types of tree species.

The children were being aware about how important trees and plants are to the earth and life on it. They learned about global warming and how deforestation is one of the major factors causing climate problems on the planet earth. Moreover they came to know about how trees absorb the carbon dioxide which cause heat on the earth.

The younger children gave reasons such as planting trees can be beneficial as in summers the electricity in Pakistan usually goes off. So in the screeching heat the families can sit under the shade of the trees and pass their time till the electricity comes back.

Some kids even talked about how the trees that produce fruits can be helpful for the families and they can take those seasonal fruits and sell them to support their families.

After watching all the informative videos and diagrams on the internet. The children questioned and shared their remarks with each other about the plants. They also had a demonstrative activity on plant and labeled different parts of the plant.

Certain kids who had interest in science and mechanisms of plants researched on photosynthesis. They found out how the plant used sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make its own food and how oxygen is actually a waste product of this process. They took great interest in all the process and keenly studied it.

Many of the kids also decided to plant seeds and plants in their neighborhoods and also grow plants outside the computer centre. They even planted a plant all together during this time. They also placed charts in the centre room on which they wrote advantages of the plants.