News and Update 4th July 2020

Extracurricular activities

Children that were rather of young age keenly drew various drawings and also wrote their names in English and decorated it. Meanwhile the kids who were waiting for their turn to draw, searched on the internet for ideas so that they can put those beautiful ideas on the paper.

Learning about motorbikes

The children who had been looking at the tutorials for mechanisms of motorbike did a practical approach recently under supervision. They learned a lot better during the practical. The children successfully identified the parts on the bike and also were explaining about the functions of the body parts of bike to each other.


Many students took part in Xbox gaming. They played games such as FIFA, NBA, and Call of Duty. During these gaming sessions they learned about the rules in football game and they applied those rules when they were playing physical football. Most of the students were interested in the Call of Duty because it is a army gun firing game and they aspire to become Police officers and Army soldiers. The girls played games such as dressing the Barbie and the ultimate chef.