News Update 14th June 2020

Vocational Studies

Children are becoming more and more interest in vocational education. They continue to watch tutorial videos on YouTube and they also do research about the things they could not understand.

The boys’ focus is mostly on mechanics and electronics whereas girls are keener towards cooking, hair dressing and makeup artistry. A majority of boys are learning about barber work and repairing vehicles. Children are also interested in some construction type of professionals such as plumber, electrician, and tile fixer.

The younger kids are learning how to read and write and some of them are also learning sentence making from YouTube videos and through books available in our centers.

Outdoor Games

Children are also learning to play outdoor games such as football and table tennis. Moreover they are also learning team work and patience and consistency through games like blocks and puzzle making. When the children are waiting for their turn on the computer they discuss and question each other about the things they watched and learn the other day. Through this they refresh their memories and learn better. The grown up children usually help the young ones in any difficulty.

Biochemistry and Sewing

Now the children are also very familiar with each other. Three children are also participating in Biochemistry lessons with Marko. Let us hope they will understand somehow or the other.

Young women and girls are also quickly learning sewing, cutting and designing at the Sewing Center. They are mostly learning cutting of pajamas, outfits and frocks of the girls.

Vocational Education

We are also going to launch one project for the Children for their Vocational Educational, but this is still being finalized and more information will soon be on the website.