News and Update 8th April 2020

What’s happening in our centers during the Lockdown?

It’s been two weeks since the Government of Pakistan announced to keep everything closed and for people to be inside the house for safety from the COVID-19.

The sewing Center women decided that they will sew masks for our Centers’ children and to offer masks for free to other people who are not in the position to buy it.

(Marko) also advised that after using the mask it is better to wash it because some droplets could still remain with the mask. So (Tahira Saleem) guided the children every time to wash it when they use it.

Children have also learned how to make hand sanitizer at home.

They found the recipe from the internet.

  • One liter alcoholic disinfectant
  • Small bottle of Dettol
  • Aloe Vera (small amount, fresh) making wax of it
  • Four lemons’ juice
  • One small bottle of white glycerin

This all should be mixed up well and put in small bottles to be used for the hands. It will kill the virus and all bacteria.

This was a wonderful activity and a safety precaution. This was all possible to get from internet. Women also learned to make the masks from the internet. So computer education is helping the children and the women in many ways.

Children are also getting information from the internet about this pandemic causing virus. All this will help them make informed decisions and keep their families safe.