Weekly update 27th September 2017

This week we have been doing some filming where the students can introduce themselves and their work.

The 10 new students are enjoying and coming regularly. There are also many new students who would be interested in joining, but they are living too far away and can’t afford the means of transport. We’re making plans to purchase a rikshaw, which we could use to transport the students to the school and also maybe earn some extra income.

We’re planning to purchase the first computer to the third center next week and we’re still planning a picnic for the children to a nearby park. The cost for one computer is about 250 € and the cost for the picnic is about 300 € including transportation for 150 children and some snacks.

On the computers we’re starting to use InPage software which is especially planned for Urdu language. On Microsoft Word we’re making plans to start writing CVs, so that the children can learn to introduce themselves in English language. This is especially important for the girls, so when they apply for work, they can give their CVs.